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“Shortly after opening my gallery 20 years ago, Josh approached me with his idea for The Baer Faxt – I think I was one of the first to sign up, and of course in those days it was still an actual “fax”. Since then I don’t think I’ve missed many, and The Baer Faxt has been our consistently reliable, must-read source for news, analysis, and up-to-the-minute auction reports.”



“I love The Baer Faxt. Especially when I am not a part of the piece.”



“The best way to become a player in the art world is to be an under­bidder on a major work of art [at auction]. You don’t have to spend any money. Just raise your hand near one of the top bids on a Warhol or another major lot and Josh will list you in The Baer Faxt among the underbidders.”


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“Weekly news, I never miss it. Always matter of fact, interesting questions and invaluable source of information.”



“When I see The Baer Faxt in my inbox, I immediately click to open what I know will be a brief but interesting show in the art about the art world’s comings and goings.”



“The Baer Faxt is the most dependable, transparent and timely source of news about the Art Market. It’s greatest advantage is its willingness to challenge the presumed and politically-correct by presenting questions that challenge the obvious and hackneyed.”


Chairman, Christie's North America & Japan

The art market's most trusted source for key insights, significant information, and art market news.

The art market is notoriously opaque. Lack of clarity is costly for anyone interested in collecting art or operating within the art world. We provide a unique lens to magnify your understanding.

The Baer Faxt newsletter is a premier art world report providing the upper echelon of art collectors and dealers with up-to-date information, strategy, and invaluable acumen related to buying and selling. The Baer Faxt delivers the art market’s breaking news and key insights straight to your inbox, weekly.

Reported directly by art advisor and art world insider Josh Baer, The Baer Faxt newsletter has been the industry’s go-to source for important intel for over 25 years.

At The Baer Faxt, we know you want to be an art world insider. But following all of the art market’s movements requires immense time and years of building trusted relationships. You can feel helpless trying to uncover valuable, guarded information, just to be inundated with useless distractions. We believe that access and knowledge are the keys to successfully navigating the art market. We understand the high barriers to entry, which is why we leverage our decades-long relationships and simplify complicated art market intelligence to guide you.

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The Baer Faxt is brought to you by Josh Baer, the art market news industry's renowned expert and an authority in art media. A list of essential and newsworthy summaries related to recent transactions, events, and availabilities is expertly compiled, providing the first heads up for savvy subscribers. Get breaking contemporary art news and key art market insights such as tips and tricks when you subscribe. Rather than relying on word-of-mouth, let us provide you with concrete information. Don't transact without The Baer Faxt.