Founded and led by Josh Baer, gallerist, arts writer, and advisor to the world’s most influential art collectors, The Baer Faxt brand has held an unrivaled position at the nexus of the art world for 30 years. Starting with The Baer Faxt Newsletter—the preferred source of breaking news and intelligence for art-world insiders—Josh has expanded his mission to meet the evolving needs of a fast-paced, increasingly global art community.

Today, The Baer Faxt is where collectors and the art market convene to find an array of high-quality news, analysis, and advisory services designed to encourage greater participation in the art market, including:

  • The Baer Faxt+, a suite of high-quality editorial offerings that complement The Baer Faxt Newsletter and reach art-loving audiences around the world, including videos, podcasts, live and live-streamed events, city guides, and special reports.
  • The Baer Faxt Auction Database, a one-of-a-kind resource for buyer and underbidder activity gathered from nearly 3 decades in the saleroom at major art auctions
  • The Baer Faxt Art Advisory, a multi-tiered membership program for collectors seeking to level-up their access and involvement in the art market
  • The Baer Faxt Solutions, bespoke business and communications consulting services, working with select institutions and individuals in the art and creative sectors to expand their brands internationally


The story of The Baer Faxt’s evolution from a faxed weekly newsletter to a global multimedia platform has been featured in Financial Times, The Art Newspaper, and Bloomberg, and the Observer's Business of Art Power List. To learn more about The Baer Faxt and to join us in our continuing mission, reach out at hello@thebaerfaxt.com or the links below.



1979-83: Founder Josh Baer begins his career as a gallerist at White Columns Gallery in New York, ultimately serving as director.

1985-94: Josh Baer opens his own gallery in New York, where he represented the artists Chris Burden, Lorna Simpson, Nancy Spero, and Leon Golub, among others.

1994: Seeing a need for an experienced insider’s view of the art market, Josh – now an independent art advisor - launches The Baer Faxt as one man with a fax machine. The first-of-its-kind weekly art world newsletter focuses on the inner workings of the art market. David Zwirner is the first subscriber.

1990s-2000s: Josh continues advising and reporting on the art market, and The Baer Faxt establishes a dedicated following of galleries, auction houses and institutions. He begins collecting info from auctions in 1996, recording more than 12,000 data points to date.

2020: With the support of investors LionTree and Glenn Fuhrman, The Baer Faxt undergoes its first major expansion, adding new expertise to the team and new multimedia offerings to complement the core TBF Newsletter.

2021-22: As a complement to its core editorial offerings, TBF adds The Baer Faxt Art Advisory, an individualized service for new and established collectors; and The Baer Faxt Auction Database, a first-of-its-kind research tool for auction buyer and underbidder activity.

2023-24: Josh Baer brings on communications and business strategy veteran Luyang Jiang as President, Chief Strategy Officer, and Executive Producer, adding professionally-produced podcasts, live-streamed events, and city guides to the roster of editorial offerings, now known as The Baer Faxt+. With the addition of a new consulting division led by Luyang, The Baer Faxt Solutions, TBF expands to Europe and Asia and paves the way for continued audience growth in the future.