TBF at West Bund Art & Design 2023

Follow us to Shanghai’s West Bund for our live report from West Bund Art & Design 2023, hosted by Luyang Jiang, president of The Baer Faxt.

Watch as we catch up with top gallerists from both the local and international scene that are exhibiting at this year’s 10th edition of the fair. In Hall A, we visited Lorenz Helbling, founder of Shanghart Gallery, who’s been exhibiting at West Bund since the fair’s first edition; Timothy Taylor; Sadies Coles; Florian Wojnar, partner at Esther Schipper; Fang Fang, founder of Star Gallery; and Enrico Polato, founder of Capsule Shanghai.

In Hall B, with its younger, fresh and more diverse feel, we chatted with Xiaochan Hua, founder of Hua International; Thomas Schulte; Fabio Rossi of Rossi Rossi; Will Hine, director at Grimm Gallery; Mimi Chun, founder of Blindspot Gallery; and Pascal de Sarthe, founder of De Sarthe Gallery.

This video was co-produced by The Baer Faxt and West Bund Art & Design, making its debut at the VIP Dinner that capped off the opening day on Thursday, November 9, 2023.