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The Des Moines Art Center

We went on the road this summer was to discover great art in unexpected places. In our latest clip from No Reserve, the team visits the Des Moines Art Center and sits down with Museum Director Jeff Fleming. Did you know that the Des Moines Art Center owns one of the best Francis Bacon paintings in the world? The masterwork, titled "Study After Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X", was acquired in 1980 with funds from the Coffin Fine Arts Trust. Fleming stresses the importance of investing in an artist early in their career or risk not having that artist in the museum's collection. There is a similar Bacon being auctioned off at Phillips on November 17th with an estimate of $34-45M, a sum unobtainable by most museums. Fleming also discusses the Art Center's focus on filling the holes in their collection; they have spent the past several years adding works by women, LGBTQ+ artists, and artists of color to the collection. The Arts Center realizes the significance of representing the global arc of art history, but also stresses the representation of their local community as well.

Community Green Spaces with Jordan Weber

In addition to visiting Minneapolis this summer, the No Reserve team also stopped in Des Moines, IA. Coincidentally, Des Moines-based artist, Jordan Weber, recently completed a residency at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, where he developed a sculpture and community garden. Mary Ceruti, Director of the Center, gives us some background on the project. Weber then walks us through his latest community project in Des Moines while dissecting the history of inequality in urban planning and how his work tackles these historical and modern dynamics.

The Walker Art Center

This summer, Josh Baer and the No Reserve team hit the road to highlight great art in unexpected places. In Minneapolis, we discovered The Walker Art Center. In this segment, Mary Ceruti, Director of The Walker, discusses the Center's history. We learn about the Founder of the museum, T.B. Walker, as well as former Director Martin Friedman, who helped shape the collection and museum into what it is today.

Episode 5: Tom Hill

In Episode 5 we visited The Hill Art Foundation for a one-on-one interview with Tom Hill. We discussed his journey as a collector and the role the foundation plays in the community. While he does not consider himself a market maker, he has historically had a great eye for art, which has helped build his impressive collection.

Tom was recently named the new chairman of the board at the Guggenheim.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

This summer Josh Baer and the No Reserve team hit the road to highlight great art in unexpected places. In Minneapolis, we discovered The Walker art museum and the connecting Sculpture Park. In this segment, Mary Ceruti, the Director of The Walker, discusses the history of the sculpture park, an important lesson they learned, as well as the upcoming commission with artist Angela Two Stars. We also go inside Angela's studio where she gives us a deep dive inside the meaning behind her sculpture and what it means to her and her community.

Okciyapi by Angela Two Stars opens to the public on October 9th, 2021 at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Art, Politics, and Hunter Biden with Punchbowl's Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman

No Reserve correspondent-at-large Kelly Cannon sits down with veteran political reporters and co-founders of Punchbowl News, Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman to explore the intersection of art and politics from Washington, D.C. Josh Baer joins in on the action to give his take on Hunter Biden's upcoming art shows, the prices the President’s son is demanding, and the ethics arrangement the White House helped craft with the gallery hosting the artist’s debut which is set to take place at private invite-only events in New York and Los Angeles.

No Reserve at The Bridge with Bob Rubin and Vito Schnabel

This summer, Josh Baer and The No Reserve team hit the road to experience great art in unexpected places. For our first location we headed out east to the Hamptons where we stopped by The Bridge in Bridgehampton. Josh sat down with the owner and founder of The Bridge, Bob Rubin, who converted an old racetrack into an art filled golf club. To round out their threesome, dealer and gallerist, Vito Schnabel joined in on the action. They discussed art, landscape, and philanthropy in front of a Tom Sachs geodesic dome before hitting the links. We even got to see Vito tap in for birdie after missing a 5 foot eagle putt on a 550 yard par5. Come see who has the longest drive and experience a golf course unlike any other in the world.

"and I will wear you in my heart of heart" at the Flag Art Foundation

We take a look inside, "I will wear you in my heart of heart", a group exhibition at the Flag Art Foundation, with Director Stephanie Roach and Artistic Director Jonathan Rider. Stephanie and Jonathan discuss the overall theme of tenderness while highlighting works by Will Cotton, Jordan Casteel, Alessandro Teoldi, Tajh Rust, and Anna Weyant.

Christie's 21st Century Evening Sale with Sara Friedlander

The big spring auction week kicks off with @christiesinc 21st Century Evening Sale. Sara Friedlander takes us inside some of tonight's top lots including Jean-Michel Basquiat's "In This Case" and Urs Fischer's "Things." Additionally, Dana Schutz's "The Fishermen" is being auctioned tonight to benefit Art For Acres. Be sure to check out the full version of No Epsiode 5 for more auction updates and market insights.

No Reserve - Episode 5 - Spring Auctions, Art as a Financial Asset, Tom Hill, and Desert X 2021

The Baer Faxt is pleased to present the fifth installment of No Reserve. In this episode, we discuss art as a financial asset with Jeffrey Deitch, Glenn Fuhrman, and Aisi Wang. Ahead of the big spring auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's we dive into some of the top lots with Amy Cappellazzo and Sara Friedlander. We also visit The Hill Art Foundation for a one-on-one interview with Tom Hill. Lastly, Vajra Kingsley takes us out to the desert to hear first hand from Desert X co-curators Neville Wakefield and César García-Alvarez.

No Reserve - Episode 4 - Legacies of Kaws & Koons, Florida Art Market, and Philanthropy in 2020

The Baer Faxt is pleased to present the fourth installment of No Reserve. In this episode, we highlight the historical legacies of Kaws and Koons with American art aficionado Paul Schimmel and mega collector Alberto Mugrabi. Then we link up with Brett Gorvy and Sarah Arison to hear what it’s like on the ground in Miami and Palm Beach.

Withdrawing Lots in the Digital Age with Marc Porter

In Episode two of No Reserve, we had Chairman of Christie's Americas Marc Porter discuss how auctions have changed since moving online. Josh Baer asks him about transparency with concern to lots being withdrawn since in the past you would still see these lots in a physical catalog and now they disappear as if they never existed. Listen to what Marc has to say!

Rethinking Artists' Rights with Swizz Beatz

In episode 1 of No Reserve Swizz Beatz briefly touches on the inequalities across different creative fields when it comes to artists' rights over their work in perpetuity. The artist and recent Harvard Business School graduate will look to redefine the outdated model of visual artists only being paid on the initial sale of the work. We would love to know how other artists feel about this in contrast to how collectors and dealers feel about this.

Buying art in 2020 with collector Pamela Joyner

Art collector Pamela Joyner discusses how she used 2020 as a lens to survey artists creating work that was reflective of that unique moment. Pamela references an artwork she purchased from bay area artist DavidHuffman which was in response to the death of George Floyd. David grew up with a picket sign in his hand and was inspired by his mother who created artwork for the Black Panther Party. This influence has grown inside him and pushed him to create what he describes as social abstract paintings.

Brick and Motar VS Online Viewing Rooms⁠

Sarah Thornton discusses brick and mortar art galleries with her life partner and San Francisco gallerist, Jessica Silverman.

At Home with : Keith Rivers

In Los Angeles, we tour the home of former NFL player and art collector Keith Rivers and talk about art history for beginners, art collecting 101, the Soul of a Nation exhibition, and favorite artists, including David Hammons and emerging artist John Edmonds.

Museum deaccessioning conversation with Rob Storr (Extended version)

We continue our museum deaccessioning conversation with art critic, artist, former MoMA curator, and former Dean of Yale School of Art, Robert Storr. Join us as we discuss if museums should be selling and for what reasons, art museum director salaries, the role of art museum trustees, the impact of 2020, and other important questions like who decides what is deaccessioned.

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No Reserve - Episode 3 - Art Market, Museum & Collecting Insights

In our final episode of 2020, Josh Baer and our art market luminaries recap major topics in the art world. Stay tuned for tips on collecting art, the future of art fairs and galleries, and hear insights on the hottest artists and artwork right now.

Bob Rennie Extended Version

Sarah Thornton discusses the responsibility of conscious collecting with Bob Rennie, the founder of the Rennie Museum in Vancouver,. In this segment, Thornton and Rennie reflect on the importance of collecting with a mission and the collector's role as a steward in the art world.

Haley Mellin Extended Version

In Episode 2, we did our first studio visit with artist and land conservationist, Haley Mellin. As a climate-based conservationist, Haley works with fellow climate-forward artists, collectors, and institutions through a non-profit she founded called Art into Acres, with single artworks conserving single locations or parcels of land. So far, the initiative has supported the conservation of 20 million acres of old-growth boreal, tropical, rain, and cloud forest into national parks and reserves. Without any website, this work is done word between colleagues in the tradition of conservation -- slow, persistent, and sure. In 2020, Mellin supported the Guggenheim in its first net-zero Scope 1 & 2 exhibition, Hauser + Wirth in conserving cloud forest, and Moca in founding the first Environmental Council at a museum. In this extended version of our interview, we cover all this and more!

No Reserve : Episode 2 : Post Game Show

That’s a wrap! As we close out on Christie’s 20th Century Evening Sale host, Josh Baer, sits down to recap and read the proverbial tea leaves with special guests Marc Porter, Chairman, Christie’s, and collector and art dealer, Adam Lindemann.

No Reserve : Episode 2

We have changed our name! Join us for No Reserve, as Josh Baer meets with industry leaders to discuss the most critical questions of our time—and comes face to face with a T.rex named STAN, who is also on the auction block with no reserve.

In this episode, we discuss the lasting impacts of recent events on the art world. We examine the art world's engagement with climate change, social justice, the lockdown, and the digital age.

Extended Cut: Loïc Gouzer

In episode one, Josh Baer connects with Loïc Gouzer, founder of Fair Warning and former head of contemporary art at Christie's. In this extended cut, Baer and Gouzer consider the importance of cataloging when works can't be viewed in person. They also evaluate trends in the art market and reflect on the growing diversity of the art world.

Extended Cut: Swizz Beatz

In episode one, Josh Baer connects with Swizz Beatz, arts patron and co-founder of The Dean Collection. In this extended cut, Baer and Beatz contemplate the landscape of inequality within the art world, highlighting artists' limitations in our current system and emphasizing the importance of art in trying times. They also recognize Beatz's initiatives, Smart Collection and Dean's Choice.

Extended Cut: John McEnroe and Marc Glimcher

In episode one, Josh Baer connects with Pace Gallery president Marc Glimcher and art collector John McEnroe. In this extended cut, our guests evaluate the impact of George Floyd's death and COVID-19 on the art world. In their discussion, they contemplate the various roles galleries play as well as auction house growth in the art market.

Extended Cut: Sarah Thornton & Pamela Joyner

In this extended cut from episode one, best-selling author Sarah Thornton and prominent art collector Pamela Joyner explore the multifaceted nature of black artist's legacies. Together they forecast 2020's long-term impact on the upcoming decades. Joyner also reveals her favorite artists of the moment: Kevin Beasley, Jordan Casteel, Christina Quarles, and Michael Armitage.

Extended Cut: Kevin Poon


In episode one, Josh Baer connects with Kevin Poon, innovative Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, fashion designer, and event organizer. In this extended cut of their conversation, Baer and Poon discuss the value of building a diverse art collection, highlight the Eastern art market, and growing generations of young collectors. Baer and Poon thoughtfully debate about KAWS’ cultural relevance, and reflect on the changes in the evolving art market.

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The Hammer: A Snapshot

Last month Josh Baer of The Baer Faxt officially launched The Hammer: Auction Insights, an online show covering art market auctions and beyond.

In this episode, Baer reflects on our launch, revealing The Hammer’s origin and future before circling back to an ambitious question from the first episode: Does art matter? Swizz Beatz, arts patron; Marc Glimcher, President and CEO of Pace Gallery; and tennis legend and art collector John McEnroe answer.

After The Hammer: Post Auction Show | Christie's ONE Sale

After The Hammer: Post Auction Show | Christie's ONE Sale reflects on the July 10th auction from around the world.

Josh Baer from The Baer Faxt hosts Alex Rotter and Dominique Lévy in recapping Christie's ONE sale and evaluating the predictions from The Hammer: Episode 1.

The Hammer: Episode One | Christie's ONE Sale Pre-Show Predictions

Prediction round-up from art world insiders on the Christie's ONE sale from The Hammer: Episode One

Predictions from: Josh Baer, Swizz Beatz, Sara Friedlander, Marc Glimcher, Loïc Gouzer, Pamela Joyner, John McEnroe, Kevin Poon, and Sarah Thornton.

The Hammer: Episode 2 | Christie's ONE Sale Post-Show to be released July 10 after the auction.

The Hammer: Episode One | Christie's ONE Sale Pre-Show

Josh Baer chats with industry insiders prior to Christie's ONE sale on July 10. Guests include: Swizz Beatz, Sara Friedlander, Marc Glimcher, Loïc Gouzer, Pamela Joyner, John McEnroe, Kevin Poon, and Sarah Thornton.

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