No Reserve : Episode 2 : Post Game Show

That’s a wrap! As we close out on Christie’s 20th Century Evening Sale host, Josh Baer, sits down to recap and read the proverbial tea leaves with special guests Marc Porter, Chairman, Christie’s, and collector and art dealer, Adam Lindemann.

In our second post-auction show, we dig a little deeper beneath the surface of what is currently happening in the auction world. In the recap, we explore how the current environment has affected auction sales, new client acquisitions, and the evolving shift from the live auction room into the digital space. As Josh continues to push the conversation even further, our special guests delve into pertinent issues surrounding museum de-acquisitions and the potential influence of the election on the art market. Has the museum world entered into the business of buying, selling, and trading? Will the focus on the election distract from the art market, or will the stock market continue to drive auctions? Find out in our post-auction show!
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