About The Baer Faxt

The Baer Faxt is a weekly news brief of the art world's top breaking stories. For the last 25+ years, its reporting has been the most relied-on source for arts information. Written and published by Josh Baer, the publication covers original news stories from an art advisor who has had his finger on the pulse of the art market for decades.


  • Breaking art world news
  • Alerts on recent prominent art sales, buyers, and bidders
  • Updates on art world persons of interest
  • Galleries' representation of artists and estates
  • New art ventures and projects
  • Fresh perspectives on the art industry
  • Insider insights on art collecting
Josh Baer

Josh Baer is the determining factor that elevates and differentiates The Baer Faxt from other art industry newsletters.

In contrast to traditional journalism in which reporters look within the art world as outsiders to gather and disseminate vital information with little comprehension, Josh Baer is a renowned art expert who compiles art world data personally.  He has a unique position inside the art business, providing insight only a participant in the market could possess.

Since 1994, Josh Baer has been an art advisor to world-class collectors. He was also a former gallery owner from 1985-1994. Mr. Baer has completed over $500 million worth of transactions. Access to information is the key to understanding the market and as a mainstream "player" in this world, his connections are unrivaled.

In his younger years in the arts, he was director of the seminal artist-run space White Columns (1979-1983) and had his downtown moments publishing the arts magazine ZG and through his involvement with Neutral Records.

Rumors persist he may have made the Olympics as a marathoner and the PGA Tour as a contender but no information on that exists online.

The Baer Faxt is brought to you by Josh Baer, the art market news industry's renowned expert and an authority in art media. A list of essential and newsworthy summaries related to recent transactions, events, and availabilities is expertly compiled, providing the first heads up for savvy subscribers. Get breaking contemporary art news and key art market insights such as tips and tricks when you subscribe. Rather than relying on word-of-mouth, let us provide you with concrete information. Don't transact without The Baer Faxt.