What is The Baer Faxt?

    For nearly three decades, The Baer Faxt has been trusted as the leading news source for the art world. Josh Baer holds an unrivaled position in the art business as a trusted art advisor to world-class collectors, having completed over $500m worth of transactions. Unlike market reporters who investigate the art world as outsiders, The Baer Faxt offers direct access to the key players of the art world.

    The Baer Faxt was launched in 1994 as a weekly newsletter for industry insiders. With the support of investors LionTree and Glenn Fuhrman, it has expanded to include a first-of-its-kind auction database—which provides data on buyers and underbidders gathered live on the salesroom floor— and an art advisory membership program.

    Baer began his career in the art business as a gallerist in the late 1970s, and once served as the director of the seminal artist-run space White Columns. He also had his downtown moment managing ZG magazine and through his involvement with Neutral Records.

    The Baer Faxt has been featured in the Financial Times, The Art Newspaper, Bloomberg and other major publications.

    Timeline of The Baer Faxt

    • 1985-94: Josh Baer opens a gallery in New York, pivoting to advising amid the early 1990s market crash.

    • 1994: With one man and a fax machine, The Baer Faxt launches as the first-of-its-kind weekly art world newsletter focused on the inner workings of the art market. David Zwirner is the first subscriber.

    • 1990s-2000s: Josh continues advising and reporting on the art market, and The Baer Faxt establishes a dedicated following of galleries, auction houses and institutions. He begins collecting info from auctions in 1996, recording more than 12,000 data points to date.

    • 2020: With the support of investors LionTree and Glenn Fuhrman, The Baer Faxt hires its first full-time staff member and begins producing video interviews with artists, art dealers, and other art insiders.

    • 2021: The Baer Faxt launches two services: an auction database and an art advisory membership program offering on-demand access to Josh and a team of world-class international advisors.

    • 2022: The Baer Faxt staff continues to grow, ramping up editorial to include even more engaging content across our website and social media.

    • 2023: The Baer Faxt expands to Asia with partnerships in Hong Kong and Singapore, and with the forthcoming launch of several new products.