Art, Politics & Hunter Biden’s $500,000 paintings

The Baer Faxt correspondent-at-large Kelly Cannon sits down with veteran political reporters and co-founders of Punchbowl News, Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman, to explore the intersection of art and politics from Washington, D.C. Josh Baer joins in on the action to give his take on Hunter Biden's upcoming art shows, the prices the President’s son is demanding, and the ethics arrangement the White House helped craft with the gallery hosting the artist’s debut which is set to take place at private invite-only events in New York and Los Angeles.

Art Expert Josh Baer jumps into the mix with his professional art market view that the works would ordinarily command prices between $5,000-$10,000 were the president’s son an emerging artist making his debut. Josh’s take on Biden’s primary market prices being set at $500,000: "Can we short those artworks?”

Hunter Biden is scheduled to debut the works at an invite-only private event held on Friday, October 1 in Los Angeles.