Art for climate change | Haley Mellin on land conservation & Art into Acres

In Episode 2, we did our first studio visit with artist and land conservationist, Haley Mellin. As a climate-based conservationist, Haley works with fellow climate-forward artists, collectors, and institutions through a non-profit she founded called Art into Acres, with single artworks conserving single locations or parcels of land. So far, the initiative has supported the conservation of 20 million acres of old-growth boreal, tropical, rain, and cloud forest into national parks and reserves. Without any website, this work is done word between colleagues in the tradition of conservation -- slow, persistent, and sure. In 2020, Mellin supported the Guggenheim in its first net-zero Scope 1 & 2 exhibition, Hauser + Wirth in conserving cloud forests, and Moca in founding the first Environmental Council at a museum. In this extended version of our interview, we cover all this and more!