The Baer Faxt Podcast catches up with Beeple ahead of his M+ debut

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Beeple’s Human One at M+ and the Debut of The Baer Faxt Podcast

Ahead of his Hong Kong debut, we caught up with Beeple at his museum in Charleston to discuss the evolution of digital art


Beeple, Human One (2021)

Just before Josh Baer sat down for an interview with Beeple in November 2021, his work Human One (2021) sold at Christie’s New York for $28.9 million. Part digital video, part kinetic sculpture, Human One is the first dynamically changing hybrid artwork, evolving with the time of day and the passage of months and years.

This week, the work is on display in Hong Kong at the recently-opened M+ Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District, a wide-reaching compendium of 20th- and 21st-century visual culture akin to the MoMA or the Pompidou.

Beeple opened his own museum earlier this month in Charleston, South Carolina, an immersive experience called Beeple Studios that will show work spanning his 25-year career alongside that of other digital artists. For our first-ever episode of The Baer Faxt Podcast, Josh Baer caught up with Beeple in the hours before the opening to talk about his plans for the museum and what’s changed since the sale of Human One.

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