No Reserve : Episode 2

We have changed our name! Join us for No Reserve, as Josh Baer meets with industry leaders to discuss the most critical questions of our time—and comes face to face with a T.rex named STAN, who is also on the auction block with no reserve.

In this episode, we discuss the lasting impacts of recent events on the art world. We examine the art world's engagement with climate change, social justice, the lockdown, and the digital age.

We are excited to launch our newest segment, In the Studio. In the first installment of In the Studio, Josh speaks with artist and environmental activist Haley Mellin. Haley shares with us her impetus for becoming an artist and activist, the challenges and innovations she has faced as an artist over lockdown, the link between art and landscape, as well as many important initiatives that cultural institutions have put in place to reduce their carbon footprint. Haley has supported the conservation of over 22 million acres of tropical forest with artists and collectors, as well as worked countless hours advocating for conservation changes. We encourage our viewers to take action to support this important cause, whether through Haley’s own organization, Art to Acres, or one she has listed below.

We speak with Amy Cappellazzo, Sotheby’s Chairman & Executive Vice President, and Jean-Paul Engelen, Phillips Deputy Chairman & Worldwide Co-Head of 20th Century & Contemporary Art, about the ever-growing importance of data and digital reach in the auction industry. They also share their predictions for the future of the industry.

We preview Christie’s upcoming 20th Century Evening Sale with Art Advisor, Gabby Palmieri, who sheds valuable insight on the current temperature of the market. At Christie’s, we also meet up with Alex Rotter, their Chairman of 20th & 21st Century Art, who introduces us to STAN, the 67 million-year-old T.rex, which is being offered as the last lot of the Evening Sale.

We are also delighted to have Sarah Thornton back on the show as she discusses the responsibility of conscious collecting with collector Bob Rennie. In this segment, Thornton and Rennie reflect on the importance of collecting with a mission and the collector's role as a steward in the art world.

We hope you have enjoyed this episode of No Reserve. As always, we would love to hear from you. Comment below or send us a DM with your thoughts and questions. We look forward to exploring them in future episodes.