Talk is Cheap Launch Dinner

Aug 3, 2021 | Events, In Brief

Following the opening of Felix art fair last Thursday, we gathered at Neuehouse Hollywood to break bread around the launch of Talk is Cheap — a new platform focused on cross-sector conversations about sustainability in the creative economy.

The guest list reflected an intentionally blended group of people from artists, community organizers, collectors, and art dealers to those working in finance, the arts nonprofits space, and arts-related media. This mix of guests is meant to be representative of the types of conversations that we feel are not currently happening on a public enough stage within the arts and creative economy communities.

Forward progress hinges on our collective attempts to first pose and then answer challenging questions outside of our respective echo chambers. Questions like — what are the best ways to direct new types of capital to artists? How do we think about the inclusion of other sectors into the conversation around investing in art outside of traditional modes of patronage? How do we start to view and support artists as workers?

This inaugural/launch dinner was an exciting jumping-off point that will kick off a stimulating stream of content including podcasts, essays, research, and convenings all in search of new modes of thinking and activating more financially sustainable solutions around the creative economy.